Fifteen games in this bracket will be held at 15 different locations other than the sites of the Top 12.  This bracket will also have a 4-round format.  Annually, bowl sites may bid to secure contracts to host the later rounds as well as becoming part of this 15-site pool.  Overall seeds (13) through (28) will be invited to this tournament.  The seeds will pick in order, #13 first to #19 last, their site for first round games only.  This gives some consolation to those teams closely missing the Top 12 and most certainly creates a "home" environment for a few of the higher seeds.

Starting exactly one week after Thanksgiving, each round will be played on Thursday uninterrupted for the first three rounds.  Round four, the Secondary Championship, will be played Christmas day!

The preferred location for this December 25th Secondary Championship contest would be Hawaii.

For the first two rounds of this bracket, a percentage of the number of games to be played (8 and 4 respectively) may need to be scheduled on Friday at earlier start times than any Top 12 scheduled competition; and Thursday times need to be most accommodating to fans; such as noon, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm if all four games are to be played on Thursday for Round 2.  Also, Round 1 could be held on both Wednesday and Thursday.


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