With select changes, retain current writers and coaches polls.

Allow for a meaningful season where the best records are rewarded, yet a loss will not     necessarily eliminate a deserving team from a chance at the title. This should suppress an enduring attitude of players that perfection is necessary to reach the pinnacle of their sport; although even an undefeated, untied season have not guaranteed a championship.

Allow for the year’s lower-echelon teams to compete for redemption.

With the exception of the Secondary Championship to be played on Christmas day, coaches and players will have Thanksgiving and Christmas off. This may provide an example of family values emphasis.

Fan appreciation should increase substantially. In the Top 12 bracket to be described, it might be necessary for a "Cinderella" to defeat 3 of the top 4 ranked teams to acquire a championship.

Revenues would increase dramatically. The advertising market alone, presently dominated by relatively few major corporations, should open significantly in both breadth and depth, as well as attracting a significant amount of international interest. In years to come, there is no reason why college football should not catch and surpass the NFL’s current TV rights deal of $2.2 Billion per year.

To the highest degree positive changes will allow, tradition is encouraged. For example, no longer shall there need to be overtime periods to break a tie during the regular season. [Postseason ties are addressed in a separate section]

A win-win situation!


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